Quick Facts

319021_4279530704534_1616260359_nHere are some quick facts about the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree

Years in Existence: 33 (this year)

Tree Height: 67 Feet

Number of Singers in the Tree: 240

Total Number of Singers in Performance (including floor surrounding the tree): 275-300

Number of Orchestra Members Performing: 50

Number of Christmas Lights on the Tree: 25,000

Linear Feet of Christmas Light Wiring: 1,500

Linear Feet of Greenery Used to Decorate the Tree: 5,000

Pieces of Unistrut Steel Used to Build Main Tree Support Structure: 850

Number of Volunteers: 200 (starting in early October each year)

Number of  Adult Volunteers Staged Inside/Behind the Tree During Each Performance  (to help with kids that may need to step out): 24