Our 2014 Tree Angel

Looking Up-EditThe position of the angel is a coveted one, as this person is the only singer to stand at the very top of the 67 foot Tree. More importantly, the angel represents the spirit and the heart of the Mona Shores Choir. The angel is always a high school senior and is someone who exemplifies the passion for singing and the hard work it takes to be the best you can be. The angel is never the very best singer in the choir or even the student that earns the leading roles in our musicals or the person selected to sing solos regularly. Instead, the angel is typically someone who has often faced challenges, perhaps has beaten the odds, never gives up or might lead by example. It is a position for someone who doesn’t necessarily find him or herself in the spotlight regularly, but for one weekend is given their moment to shine like a star!

This years’ Tree Angel is Marion Oldaker! Stay tuned for some upcoming info and a photo of Marion!